Monday, March 21, 2011

Bruce Lee

Bruce is still one of the most bad ass men in history.

Fringe - S3 EP17

I really enjoyed this episode and the direction it lead us in, especially at the end when Belliva started talking about fate, destiny and crossing boundaries to make it happen. It was the same thought I had that maybe by making the choice to save those people, was the moral event which allowed her soul to be released.
Anyway many of the episodes delve into many events that have taken place in our reality and we have not learned how to listen or perceive the truth. Hollywood has been trying to tell us the truth for years but we don't know how to listen.


FlashForward - S1 EP7


Good show, off to a g
ood start. Like the idea of the intrigue, the mystical aspect, the suspense and government work is well mixed and creates great anticipation. Unfortunately, these shows always have to start laying the heavy drama sauce a little too much. It's a shame since the story line is already so captivating, the drama kills the suspense and breaks the flow.
As far as the actors, Fiennes is disappointing a little with the constant frown and tilting of the head. A little too much, too often. Cho is intriguing and we look forward to seeing more of him in the future. The rest of the cast works well. This show is panning out to be a masterpiece. Bravo.